The Advanced Awareness Energy of Authentic Happiness Self-Assessment

Dr. Veeder South

This self-assessment explores the energy of your four personality temperaments and your seven chakra centers of conscious energy, the keys to "authentic happiness" in your life. The personality self-assessment reveals how you prefer to acquire and spend your reserves of conscious energy. The chakra self-assessment measures balance within each of your chakras, your seven centers of consciousness, where your reserves of conscious energy resides. Included are several practical ideas and suggestions on how to bring more balance and happiness into your life.


The Advanced Awareness Relationship compatibility Self-Assessment

Dr. Jeanne Michelle

This Relationship Compatibility Assessment will help any two people in a relationship, any kind of relationship, learn more about each other as they discover how the conscious energy in their relationship fits together. Partners complete individual personality and chakra self-assessments (described above) and their results are compared to reveal where conscious energy compatibility exists in their relationship. Partners learn how to improve compatibility in their relationship as they improve happiness within themselves.

The Advanced Awareness Loving Relationship Compatibility Self-Assessment

Veeder South

This Loving Relationship Compatibility Assessment will help you and your partner in a committed and loving relationship discover how the energy of your relationship fits together. Each partner is guided through individual personality and chakra self-assessments and your results are used to explore several aspects of your relationship. This includes: how well do you know each other; energy compatibility in your loving relationship, how well are you prepared to face life's issues together as a team; and, where does resonance exist in your loving reationship. Resonance is the "glue of attraction" that keeps a loving relationship together. You will learn several highly practical suggestions and ideas on how to develop or improve compatibility and resonance in your loving relationship. You will learn the true meaning of a "conscious relationship" and the importance of developing and maining consciousness in your relationship. Consciousness is the foundation for a loving relationship to last, perhaps even for a lifetime.