Creating Happy and Lasting Relationships
This positive energy program from Advanced Awareness will help you improve any relationship in your life - including the relationship you have with your self. The program starts with a FREE one-hour introductory talk by Dr. Veeder South, founder of Advanced awareness and author of two books: "The Path of Advanced Awareness to Conscious Relationships" and "Loving Couple's Path to Lasting Happiness". Following the introductory discussion, people interested in incorporating the positive energy principles of Advanced Awareness directly into any selected relationship in their life may sign up for one or more 2-hour private positive energy workshop(s) with Dr. South. This is not relationship therapy. All ages are welcome.
Cost Per Private Workshop Session:
      - $25 for an Individual Alone,
      - $50 for a Couple Together

To set up a free 1-hour talk by Dr. South for your group, or to set up your own private positive energy relationship workshop, please call Advanced Awareness at 949-235-6157 or e-mail

Advanced Awareness 5-minute Video

The Path of Advanced Awareness is a spiritual path that leads you away from the negative energy of fear and unhappiness to the positive energy of love and authentic happiness. To learn more about this life-changing positive energy program from Advanced Awareness, please click below.